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We have vast experience with fruit.
We have been producing high-quality fruit for over 50 years and have developed the experience necessary to farm cherries, a difficult fruit to grow with erratic results that requires patience and long-term planning.


We have complemented our daily work with strong investment in research and development (R+D), which has enabled us to take better advantage of the season, challenge the seasonal nature of the cherry and stay one step ahead of cultural changes.


We know our customers. We know their tastes and how much they value having fruit of the best quality, flavor and texture on their tables. For that reason, we look after each process involving our trees and their fruit, so as to take our team’s care and dedication to the world.


Because we value trust-based relationships, the long-term reliability of commitments and business integrity, we have created lasting relationships and a tradition of good service. It fills us with pride that we have been doing business with China for over two decades. Today our commercial office in Shanghai is led by the third generation of the Garcés family while the fourth generation is growing up in China, learning their language and their millennial culture.


We know that our customers and partners always want the best quality, enhanced traceability and a better product and service experience. This is why we always insist on providing the best service to our commercial partners: end consumers, intermediaries that buy our fruit, our local growers that deposit their trust in us and our service providers that help us reach all destinations in the best way possible.


We do this by continuously looking for new solutions, staying ahead of trends and being socially sustainable. We deliver a variety of fruits that stand out for their quality, products of an efficient, careful and sustainable production process.